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Our story

We source all of our lobster directly from our friends who fish the icy cold waters of Maine and then ship em' right out to us here in Southern California, ensuring freshness in every bite! Our sweet and delicious Maine lobster is 100% certified and sustainable, and is served up in our favorite form – the lobster roll!

Maine lobster is known to have the sweetest, most tender meat and is easily recognizable by its claws and pinchers (many of the other lobster species do not have claws, only tails similar to shrimp). Our lobster rolls come in a bun that is toasted on the outside and steaming soft on the inside, with the meat of a 1 lb. lobster right out of its shell – so you don’t have to do the work! To top it off, lobster meat is healthy and high in protein, so you can eat and enjoy without guilt.

The first time I remember eating lobster, I was 5 years old. My family and I were on vacation in Boston at a famous lobster restaurant and I really wanted to order a whole lobster. My parents said it was too big to have on my own and suggested that I share it, but no, I wanted to eat the whole thing myself…and I did! From that moment on, I was hooked.

My first bite of a lobster roll came years later, while traveling with my mother in Cape Cod. We were riding bikes and passed a lobster shack, where we decided to stop for lunch. The taste of that fresh lobster roll is a memory I’ll never forget. It was THAT delicious.

Seafood – especially lobster, crab and shrimp – has always been our family’s favorite. So, when we invited my mom to move out from the East Coast to California to help with the grandkids, she was delighted – but asked, “where can we get lobster rolls as scrumptious as Red’s in Maine and Luke’s in New York City?” And so, we began our quest to satisfy mom’s lobster craving.

After a thorough search of the area and no luck finding anything close to authentic Maine lobster rolls, my family decided to take matters into our own hands. With the encouragement and support of mom, my husband Joel, and my brother Chad, we are so excited to embark on this adventure together, to share our beloved lobster rolls with all of you at Lobster West!

– Kim Locker, Owner